Pink Box Mini Raspberry Ripple Bundt (Box of 2)

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To commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, All Things Delicious presents the Mini Raspberry Ripple Bundt. A classic pound cake with swirls of pure raspberry compote for an explosive flavour! Topped with pink icing and cream cheese frosting for an incredibly delicious treat. Made with unrefined sugar and cage-free eggs with no artificial colours or flavours. Each box contains two Mini Raspberry Ripple Bundts.

Each box contains an information card about ways you can learn and make a difference for yourself and the people in your life. Send a box to your girlfriends, cousins, sisters, daughters, aunts, etc and let’s start a conversation about breast cancer.

This October, in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month, ATD is giving back! 10% of our sales from every purchase of our Pink Products will go towards breast cancer research and support.

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