Gather Together Set
Gather Together Set

Gather Together Set

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This set is good for 4 persons.

Save big and enjoy a delightful meal with family, colleagues or friends with the ATDTOGO Gather Together Set. With this set, you can indulge in a restaurant quality meal in the comfort of your own home or office. This bundle of crowd-pleasing treats comes with a FREE medium jar of our handcrafted cookies worth $24.90. An excellent choice that is wallet-friendly and convenient to boot! ORDER NOW!

ATDTOGO Gather Together Set comes with:

  • 1 x Pasta Tray
  • 1 x Family Fry Up
  • 1 x Box of 5 fruit tart (choose 5)
  • 1 x Medium Jar of ATD Cookies

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Pasta Options:

  • CREAMY SMOKED SALMON PASTA TRAY - Cooking is often how you gather simple ingredients together to make them punch way above their weight - as with ALL comfort food. Whatever comfort food lacks in (like exotic ingredient-du-jour), it makes up with the unconditional love that goes into it. This dish perfectly exemplifies this. We love making it. We love how the cream and smokiness comes together and the fresh dill and the capers keep it all mellow and not overly rich.
  • CORIANDER PESTO PRAWNS WITH CARAMELISED CHILLIS PASTA TRAY - These pasta trays are fabulous to feed a group of hungry mouths! Coriander, the herb, our founder, Mel, is so partial to! She crushed some into pesto one day, with extra virgin olive oil, toasted almonds, parmesan, some garlic and a little bit of red chilli and voila! A keeper of a pesto that we serve at the café daily. Succulent prawns are tossed in because who could resist seafood + coriander!
  • FENNEL SAUSAGE & CHERRY TOMATOES PASTA TRAY - These gourmet fennel chicken sausages are just perfect! Paired with crushed, sweet cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, this dish brings together the people across generations, from toddlers to gramps, from uncle to big sister, the familiar crowd but with vast differences in musical tastes, the same-same but different – that is your family.
  • SPICY LAMB MEATBALLS PASTA TRAY - Mamma mia! These slightly spicy lamb meatballs are a crowd favourite – so tender and juicy. Paired with a rich tomato sauce, toasted pine nuts and a generous sprinkling of grated parmesan! A no-brainer!

FAMILY FRY-UP TRAY - The halibut is a gorgeous white fish, especially to be made into fish and chips! With crispy batter and shoestring fries served with chunky tartar and lemon wedges. This Family Fry Up is so good! Comes with our smokey, spiced corn ribs for some extra sweetness!

FRUIT TARTS (BOX OF 5) - Tarts are really something special. We love the contrast of the crisp, handmade base with just about all these fillings. We particularly adore the classic lemon meringue tart. Our founder, Mel, vividly recalls going around Paris and trying every tart au citron at every patisserie that she came across! Here, we re-create her favourite one, along with these other fabulous flavours! You’d be hard-pressed to choose your favourite, so our guess is you’ll have to try them all!

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