All-Day Brunch Set
All-Day Brunch Set

All-Day Brunch Set

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This set is good for 4 persons.

Save big and enjoy a delightful meal with family, colleagues or friends with the ATDTOGO All Day Brunch Set. With this set, you can indulge in a restaurant quality meal in the comfort of your own home or office. This bundle of breakfast favourites comes with a FREE medium jar of our handcrafted cookies worth $24.90. An excellent choice that is wallet-friendly and convenient to boot! ORDER NOW!

ATDTOGO All-Day Brunch Set comes with:

  • 4 x All Day Breakfast (choose 4)
  • 1 x Scones (Box of 6)
  • 4 x Beverages
  • 1 x Medium Jar of ATD Cookies

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All Day Breakfast Options:

  • BUTTERMILK PANCAKES SWEET - Housemade pancakes with mascarpone, nut praline, seasonal fruits & rosemary-infused honey.
  • BRIOCHE FRENCH TOAST - Housemade brioche drenched in cage-free eggs & pan-fried in butter, mascarpone, nut praline, caramelised bananas with warm butterscotch sauce.
  • SHAKSHOUKA - North African stew of peppers, tomatoes, mild spices, poached eggs and a dollop of crème fraîche, served with handmade focaccia.
    Add-on with grilled chicken fennel sausage.
  • WHOLESOME BREAKFAST - Cage-free scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, Moroccan-spiced tomato relish, Norwegian smoked salmon with sourdough toast.
  • BUTTERMILK PANCAKES SAVOURY - Housemade pancakes with sunny-side eggs, chicken fennel sausage & chilli-infused honey.
  • NOURISHING BREAKFAST - A breakfast salad of handmade crab cakes made with real crab claw meat, soft yolk boiled egg on fresh greens, pomegranate seeds, cucumbers & sourdough garlic bread.

Scones Options:

  • GULA MELAKA SCONE - The Gula Melaka scones is an All Things Delicious original and is a cult favourite. This rock star is made with the best quality unrefined coconut palm sugar that we could get terribly sweet at all but they are just perfect on their own.
  • ORANGE CRANBERRY SCONE - The Orange Cranberry Scones are always tryna to compete with our Gula Melaka Scones- if we have to choose a winner, we simply can't! But when it comes to All Things Delicious scones, just pick one and you won't be disappointed. These babies are made with cranberries and topped with the best-tasting orange drizzle made with freshly grated orange zest - it's pure sunshine in a scone.
  • LEMON BLUEBERRY SCONE - The Lemon Blueberry scones are bursting with juicy blueberries and tenderly baked for a crisp exterior and soft interior, like a typical All Things Delicious scone. The lemon drizzle is made with freshly grated lemon zest for an instant perk-me-up, complementing the berries wonderfully.
  • CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY SCONE - These Chocolate Chip Raspberry Scones have all the boxes ticked! With delicious dark chocolate chips dotting the soft interior, the scones get glazed with a bright pink raspberry drizzle, made with pure raspberry puree. As with all ATD products, we do not use any artificial colouring or flavours, so you are getting only the good stuff!
  • CARAMEL DATE SCONE - We fold that into our scones dough along with some chopped dates–we use a combination of medjoul and deglet nour dates, and what you’ll get are the most amazing scones from All Things Delicious!!
  • FETA SCALLION SCONE - Scallion, spring onion, green onion, you can call it by its various names because the scallion is often taken for granted and is used EVERYWHERE. But we all know the reasons why! These young shoots of the onion have a wonderful, grassy aroma and a lightly sweet flavour profile. We love it paired with no-nonsense feta cheese and two flavours come out beautifully into this tantalizing savoury scone.
  • CARAMELISED ONION AND CHEDDAR SCONE - Our love for scones is not limited to the sweet kind. Take these ones, for example, made with natural cheddar that is shredded and then tossed into our scones dough. Then we toss in some house-made balsamic-caramelised onions to make it a little bit more sophisticated. But anyhoo, these scones are delicious on its own or use them for dipping into a bowl of wholesome soup.

Beverages Options:

  • MANGO NECTAR - This drink will remind you of a tropical paradise with swaying palm trees. Comes in A beautiful glass bottle.
  • PINEAPPLE, CARROT, ORANGE NECTAR - This drink has a well balanced flavour of three nutritious fruits and vegetables. Comes in a beautiful glass bottle.
  • GUAVA NECTAR - Refreshing pink guava! Comes in a beautiful glass bottle.

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